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Reporting Tools for MySQL

Friday, 8th December 2006 7:30pm
Over the past week or so I have been looking at free reporting tools to use with MySQL. I have just managed to find two which are LGX Report and Agata Report. but I think there could a lot more out there.

LogiXML offers their cut down report version for free and normally I don't go for cut down versions but this one is a useable and good cut down version. This tool only works on Windows and requires the IIS web server to be running because that's the web server the report engine uses and you also need the .Net framework 1.1 or 2.0 installed on your machine.

Let me point out that LGX caters for a number of other databases and SQL server could be its main target but it works pretty well with MySQL producing some good reports in no time at all with features including cross-tab reports, drill-down and drill-through reports.

The other tool that I tried out is Agata Report. Agata is open source and runs on both Windows and Linux and I found that although it lacks the fanciness of LGX Report you are able to produce your reports with relative easy.

You can also export the reports to pdf, xml etc which I think is good and the fact that you can go through the php classes was a winner for me.

The Agata website is in both Portuguese and English and may be a bit confusing at times(especially if you don't know Portuguese) but with time you can easily navigate to the areas you want once you get to know the site a little bit more.

The other tool that I never got time to play with but which looks good is Ariacom Business Reports which has a free version for personal use.

kstan wrote on Saturday, 7th February 2009 2:21am
Thanks for your information, currently I'm developing some open source web application. fpdf is my reporting tool. However I spend too much time to align for every single report.

Can you suggest me any reporting tool allow us to create report easily (With drag and drop function) and run well in php+apache+linux. Output is pdf or any others format which can directly print out (HTML or txt can't print header and footer well if the contain more than 1 page).

If you found any info, please email to me.

Thank you very much.

Wes wrote on Saturday, 7th February 2009 10:23pm
Thanks for the comment Kstan, unfortunately I haven't looked at MySQL reporting for a while but I find something useful I am sure I will contact you with the details. All the best with your project.

Kalle Ikkelä wrote on Wednesday, 15th April 2009 6:25am
Hi! myDBR is a web based reporting system for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Online demo and free download are available from

Wes wrote on Wednesday, 15th April 2009 11:14pm
Thanks Kalle for the comment. I have had a quick look at the mydbr features and they look very impressive. I will have to download the trial beta version and see how good the tool is. I would be more interested in the charting feature and so that's maybe the one feature I will test out to see how easy it is to implement. Thanks.

Diejomaoh E. Richards wrote on Thursday, 7th January 2010 11:23pm
I am currently working on a web portal for a school using php and mysql. I am working with Dream weaver. does someone know a good reporting tool I can use to create my reports.

kstan79 wrote on Sunday, 10th January 2010 12:42am
Hi All,
My company’d just develop an open source PHP report library which allow you design PDF report via Java based IReport report designer. When you run the report it will use FPDF library as foundation and convert ireport xml file to PDF on the fly.

We make use the FPDF library but you can increase the productivity 100%-300% if you know how to use iReport.

Since my company gain a lot of benefit from open source software, so we willing to contribute something to open source community.
This project is free to use and free to change, project name = PHPJasperXML.

Download at:
This is new library and we need your feed back. Please feed back at:
I’m not active in at here, please reply this message at forum above. Sorry I’m not promoting my forum, simply this forum is special for our company product & services, I check it always.

Below is the sample source code for display the report. Hopefully this project can spread fast, so that not PHP expert can design their PDF report easily.

Thanks for you trying this library.

Ks Tan

include_once (‘setting.php’);
//optional, just wanna to preset variable for database

$xml = simplexml_load_file(“sample1.jrxml”);
$PHPJasperXML = new PHPJasperXML();

$PHPJasperXML->outpage(“I”); //page output method I:standard output D:Download file


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kstan79 wrote on Saturday, 9th January 2010 11:51pm
I'd develop a PHP web reporting library called PHPJasperXML. Now you can use my library to render IReport (Java based WYSIWYG report designer) jrxml file easily.

It is open sourced, feel free to download and test try.


Herberts wrote on Tuesday, 19th July 2011 4:28pm
I have used FastReport.Net for a long time now,I think you should use it, its a good reporting tool. Try to find a demo on this link :

Elin wrote on Saturday, 17th September 2011 6:20am
Yea, I think you need a good reporting tool for your system, I think FastReport.Net is a good tool. Also you can find other reporting tools on wiki, there is a list of reporting tools from which you can choose.

Carln wrote on Friday, 7th October 2011 7:36am
I think you can use either Crystal of FastReport.