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Add-on downloads reach a Billion

Monday, 24th November 2008 1:53pm
Last week the billionth add-on was download according to the official Mozilla blog.

Mozilla started recording the add-on downloads in 2005 and it has taken some three years to reach a billion downloads. I actually think there has been more downloads in the last two years or so as people have become aware of Firefox and then also the available extensions.

I think the add-ons have made sure the that Firefox browser is my default browser because there are some extensions that I need for my day to day work like Firebug.

Apart the add-ons I need to have like Firebug, I tend to have other favourite extensions from time to time which I install for a while then later on uninstall if the shine falls off or keep them.

At the moment the add-on that I am playing with is Tab Splitter which splits your current browser in half and allows you to view two web pages at once with the ability to use tabs in both browsers.

This can be very useful when you want to compare two pages side by side and its also useful when you have a big widescreen monitor because I think it enables better use of screen real estate.

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