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Alternatives to Pingoat

Sunday, 20th July 2008 6:20am
Over the last few weeks Pingoat has been down with its service unavailable and in the meantime I have had to look for alternatives to use.

Before I started using Pingoat I used to use Pingomatic and its still available but the list of services it pings its still the same and sometimes I get an error message on my first attempt and so not a very good alternative at the moment I guess.

I think the best alternative I have found so far is Pingates and this pings more than 30 services.

However, the only downside is that the captcha image is not very clear and sometimes it can be hard to see exactly what characters are in the image because the background and the letters can be nearly the same.

Another very good alternative I have used is BlogBlip and this pings more than 30 services and it gives you a summary of your feed plus the number of services pinged indicating succcess or failure. I found that to be very useful.

Also at BlogBlip you can download the current configuration file if you so wish.

Once or twice I have also used King Ping . King Ping gives a message saying that the pings have been send without specifying the particular services like what Pingoat, Pingates and BlogBlip does.

I am sure there must be many more blog pinging services but I think these alternatives are quite good and I also hope that Pingoat maintainance will end soon.

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Ami wrote on Thursday, 23rd July 2009 1:40am
There is no doubt that pingoat s a great service but too frequently I go to the site and the page is down. Kpings seems okay but as you said we didn't know what services were being pinged. But i think the new site has taken care of that

J Foss wrote on Sunday, 13th December 2009 9:50am
Great Info Thanks!

Charlie T wrote on Tuesday, 15th December 2009 3:28pm
What is with all of these pinging tools? Pingoat seems to be back up, but most of the links don't work.
I have recently switched to BlogBuzzer-, which works great for pinging all of my blogs.

Wes wrote on Tuesday, 15th December 2009 9:36pm
Thanks Charlie T for the heads up on BlogBuzzer. I have had a quick look at it and I see you can select a specific target country. There is no selection for no country and so I wonder what happens when the blog is not targeted at a particular country. I will try to use for one of the blog posts.
Yes, Pingoat is back but I have found Pingates to be very good and I find myself using it more often now. Thanks.

Sherry wrote on Wednesday, 16th December 2009 4:29pm
Pingoat appears to be having administration issues big time. Only their main page appear to have a valid link and even their contact page, which can only be found historically, links to an invalid email. I appreciate the alternatives you have taken the time to compile and will be checking them out.

Mark wrote on Friday, 5th March 2010 6:47am
Have you tried Feed Shark? It's very reliable! I've been using Feed Shark for years without any problems. Here's the link:

Wes wrote on Sunday, 7th March 2010 11:45pm
Thanks Mark for the link to feedshark. I will try it out one of these days. Cheers.

seth wrote on Saturday, 8th May 2010 10:38am
Pingoat MAY have been the best, but now they have 2 huge flaws.
1. If for any reason you get the "blacklist" page where you are asked to type in the letters from the 'image", you are screwed, because there's NO IMAGE...ever!
2 So naturally you go to one of the links below to try to contact them to tell them this, only NONE OF THE LINKS WORK! All go to a 404 error page.
Why do people put up valuable sites that become amazingly popular and then become un-contact-able.

Need to find a better pinger, Pingoat is toast.


Julez wrote on Friday, 24th December 2010 2:48am
Seth, I agree Pingoat is now on the down and out. I have found Feed Shark to be way better! -Julez,

nelson2 wrote on Monday, 24th January 2011 6:23am
good info thank you for sharing.

Acai Max Cleanse wrote on Wednesday, 11th August 2010 2:20am
I think, Pingoat was one of the best pinging service out there. However I liked the Pingomatic Service too.

wright wrote on Friday, 14th January 2011 2:43am
thank you for sharing.

Backlink Finder Tool wrote on Thursday, 29th September 2011 7:33pm
Is there anything out there that allows you to paste multiple URLs to ping at once? Or is this even a good idea?

Wes wrote on Friday, 7th October 2011 1:50pm
I don't know of any tool at the moment unless you probably write your own code. Maybe not a good idea because I am failing to imagine when that would be important. All those sites all updated at the same time?

marc wrote on Saturday, 10th March 2012 10:03pm

zafu david wrote on Friday, 16th March 2012 9:45am
are there other sites beside pingoat and pingomatic to ping? thanks zafu

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