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AVG releases Free 8.0

Thursday, 24th April 2008 11:03pm
Today AVG Technologies has released AVG Anti-Virus Free 8.0 for home and non-commercial use.

I have used the free anti virus software for a very long time but the new version 8.0 now incorporates protection against spyware through a new combined anti-virus and anti-spyware engine and a safe search facility.

Version 8.0 sports a new user interface which I think is more user friendly compared to the previous one and the download has increased from just over 30 MB for version 7.5 to 46 MB because of the extra components.

I managed to install the new version over the old one without any problems but to complete the installation I had to reboot the machine.

Its good to have such a good anti-virus for free which updates everyday and does not take much resources from the local machine.

The commercial version of 8.0 was released some two months ago and its to see that AVG have been quick to release the free version.

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