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Testing in both Firefox and IE7

Wednesday, 28th February 2007 9:36pm
One of the most annoying but has to be done things in web development is checking to see how a website a looks in different browsers. Almost always I check with Firefox, Opera and IE7 and sometimes also Konquerer and a host of other browsers that happen to be installed on my PC.

For some time now I have been using the Paessler Site Inspector tool and I have found it to do a very good job at least for testing in Firefox and IE7 from one application. With Paessler Site Inspector you can run both IE7 and Firefox engines from a single application saving you from firing the individual browsers themselves. There are other functions which it does as well which are quite useful including markup and CSS validation.

On a similar note I found the IE installer on Tredosoft quite useful because it allows me to run multiple versions of IE on the same computer. Basically the installer installs previous versions of IE of which the most important one is IE6 which most people still use and I also need to check if my CSS works as expected.

The other way to have IE6 would have been to install say XP without IE6 or Windows 2000 in a virtual environment but that will only give you IE6. with the Tredosoft installer you get IE versions from IE3 to IE6 and I find using this method quite convenient at the moment.

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