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Monitoring site uptime

Saturday, 13th January 2007 9:43am
I think its always good to monitor your site uptime because that may determine whether you change hosts or not. I use SiteProbe to monitor the status of my website. Whenever there is a change in status I am informed through an e-mail.

Its a good idea not to use an e-mail from your site otherwise you won't receive it when the host goes down and so you have to use a webmail account like yahoo or gmail or something like that or an e-mail with another host.

The SiteProbe statistics are basic but you get a weekly report which suits me well because my host is reasonably reliable and so for most weeks I get 100% uptime.

For a more comprehensive but free monitoring I think SiteUptime offers a reasonable service in their free plan. Unlike the SiteProbe service which just monitors the http server only, the SiteUptime service monitors ftp, pop3 and smtp servers as well plus you get monthly reports and some fancy statistics.

I am sure there must be other website monitoring services available but I have found these two to be quite easy to use and accurate.

Arun wrote on Wednesday, 17th January 2007 5:29pm
Have you seen
Its a free website monitoring service from AdventNet, the makers of Zoho brand of online office productivity tools. Site24x7 checks your websites at regular time intervals and sends you email/SMS alerts if there is any error.

Wes wrote on Friday, 19th January 2007 9:01am
I had not seen site24x7 service Arun, thanks. I have just visited the website now and I will sign up soon and check what the service is like. The service is in beta now and I wonder what the free service is going to be like when it goes off beta. But worth a try all the same now.

Nik wrote on Saturday, 5th January 2008 4:51am
You can also try Dotcom-monitor. It has 30 days trial.

Wes wrote on Saturday, 5th January 2008 7:38am
Thanks Nik, I will have a look at it.

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