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Giving up on USB Broadband connection

Friday, 21st July 2006 1:45pm
Since I had broadband installed I have been using a USB port to connect to the Internet. Knowing that USB is more suited for lower speed devices like the mouse and keyboard I wasn't keen on using USB for my cable modem but I had to because my on-board Ethernet connection doesn't seem to work at all and although it connects to the Internet it's really slow, actually slower than my old dial-up connection.

However, over the last fortnight it has become increasingly difficult to connect to the Internet using USB and I have been getting "Page Not Found" errors and then ipconfig would return null value for Connection-specific DNS Suffix and Default Gateway and after several ipconfig /renew and rebooting I would then get the connection. At one time I thought it was a problem with accurately resolving web sites and so I installed the Treewalk DNS utility but this didn't solve the problem.

So last night I gave up on USB broadband connection and installed an Ethernet PCI Adapter card instead and its now better than ever. I no longer have any connection problems at all. Its quite fast even without increasing the TCP receive window and just using the default setting.

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