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Solving Personal Firewall dilemma

Friday, 14th July 2006 1:38pm
Now I think I have finally solved the personal firewall dilemma that I have been faced with for a few weeks because I have found a firewall that I am quite confident and comfortable with. Since the days of Sygate I have struggled to find an equally good firewall in terms of configuration and logging, well, until now. I have just installed the Comodo Personal Firewall and so far so good.

Previously I have tried ZoneAlarm but somehow it didn't quite work with my PHP sessions on the localhost and that's when I decided to go for Kerio. Kerio has been quite good I should say but the "kpf4gui.exe DLL Initialization Failed" dialog on shutdown is a bit annoying to say the least and also the 30 days evaluation period has expired anyway and so I was left with the basic version.

Unlike other free personal firewalls, With Comodo you don't get a watered down version of the full version because what you get is the full version. After downloading the firewall Comodo send me an activation code to give a free lifetime licence. The review on PC Mag was also helpful in helping me make a decision to go with Comodo. I will see how the comodo firewall goes over the next few weeks before going for the other products on the Comodo stable like anti virus software.

John wrote on Tuesday, 18th July 2006 7:45pm
I agree! Comodo isn't bad: it looks good, and so far, from what I have seen, it has everything (and some) that you would ever need in a firewall. The fact it is FREE makes it very attractive.
But I did find a bug that is annoying: no matter how many times I tell Comodo to accept an application accessing the Net, it always comes back. But then again, I have not had that problem today, so maybe it has been fixed. Good recommendation!

sam wrote on Wednesday, 2nd August 2006 10:27pm
The reason why you get the repeat dialog boxes is because your firewall will be in learning phase. You could change the default settings using the advanced security configuration and reduce the number of popups from the default value of 20 and if you want you can also tick the option to automatically approve safe applications. Choose what you feel comfortable with.

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