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Getting serious about Firefox

Friday, 28th April 2006 8:04pm
Not yet using Firefox? Whatever your answer to the question is I still think you will find the Dump explorer site interesting. Basically the website is a campaign for web surfers using Internet Explorer(IE) to move over to Firefox and also for web publishers to add a piece of JavaScript code to their websites that detects the IE browser. The code will display a banner on the site that will ask visitors using IE to download Firefox instead.
I have been using Firefox from its first release and I have found it to be quite good and I like the convenience of tabbed browsing. I think IE7 will be a lot better than IE6 going by the IE7 beta technical overview but I have not tried the actual beta version just yet.

simon wrote on Sunday, 30th April 2006 5:10pm
Opera has just released a new version of their open-source browser. Whilst it has tabbed browsing and a lot of other firefox-like functionality, it lacks the page loading speed of firefox. However, the new version offers some features not yet seen in web browsers like in-built bittorrent downloads

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