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Testing Using the OffByOne Browser

Sunday, 23rd April 2006 5:32pm
Lately I have been using the OffByOne browser mostly for testing. This free browser does not support JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and hence its quite good for testing especially if you would like to check how your application or website would function when JavaScript is disabled.
By just testing with the OffByOne browser I save the time of disabling and enabling JavaScript off and on and hence I can modify my code to cater for cases where there is no JavaScript support on the client side. I then use another browser say Firefox to test the application when under normal conditions.
If for some reason you would like to see how your website looks like without CSS the OffByOne browser also comes in handy.
Interestingly, if you select "Show NoScript" and "Show NoFrames" from the Options menu then you would see the search engines view of a website when they crawl it.

Ron wrote on Monday, 24th April 2006 7:35pm
Nice observations - I will check this browser out.

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