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Skype integrated into

Wednesday, 1st May 2013 12:26pm
Microsoft has announced that it has built in Skype to its webmail service., formerly Hotmail has been revamped over the last year and now users of this email service can now easily use Skype.

Also Microsoft closed down Windows Live Messenger in March this year in favour of Skype messaging and this latest development will mean all is in one place for users.

A plugin will be required to be able to do this.

More details can be found in this Skype blog post.

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Out goes Facebook lite

Wednesday, 21st April 2010 10:48pm
Facebook has announced that it is shutting down Facebook Lite after a trial period of just over seven months.

Facebook Lite was a stripped down version of the main site which was targetted at people with slow Internet connections as they could easily access this site faster.

I only logged into the lite version just once to have a feel of it and I never got to log in again.

I am not a fan of lite sites because I think if its possible its better to have a site which gives you the option to turn off some features if you don't want them.

Turning off features gives you the power to customise the site to what you exactly need and all the other things that distract you and you don't need them turn them off.

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Bing joins the search scene

Monday, 1st June 2009 11:08pm
Microsoft has now launched the new site Bing to replace Windows Live.

I have been testing this new search site which is in beta and one feature that I like is the summary that I got when I hover on the right side of results.

I managed to get a lot more information from that hover which meant that at times I did not have to click the search link altogether.

But some of the search results were not what I expected. For example, I searched for 'owalog' this blog's name and the result did not even appear on the first page of the returned results. And I wonder what would happen to more serious searches.

I think I will keep an eye on the site to see if there are any further developments but for now I think Google will serve me right.

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Grappling with the new look Hotmail

Sunday, 2nd November 2008 11:33pm
Last week I got a new look Hotmail interface for my account and whilst there are some great new features it will take some time getting used to it.

I am still to figure out how to show the size of the email and the only way I can see the size of an email is if I sort by size itself.

My favourite contacts also disappeared and I had to go through the contacts lists and re-select them.

But having said that I think the new way of organising contacts is great and I quite like the idea of selecting the Cc button for example and then getting a drop down of contacts in tab form and you can easily select the mail recipients from there.

I have been with Hotmail for a long time now and I have seen so many changes but this one looks like possibly the best apart from a few niggles.

There are now more options to play around with you if you have the time to do that but unfortunately I cannot compare with Yahoo! or Gmail because I don't have accounts with both.

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Advanced Google search easy way

Sunday, 12th October 2008 9:49pm
There are times when I have to make some advanced Google searches and I often include some query terms in the search.

This narrows down my search and makes it quicker to get the information that I am looking for. It takes some time to get familiar to all the terms and how to use them in combination but but over the last few months I have found myself using Soople some times.

Soople provides an interface that makes it easy to make up the advanced Google queries and it also uses Google to do the search.

While the interface is a very busy one its quite a handy site once you get to know how is works.

Another site that does a similar thing is OnlyJust and I think its more useful if you want to search some Google search categories like blogs, images, code and so on.

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Alternatives to Pingoat

Sunday, 20th July 2008 6:20am
Over the last few weeks Pingoat has been down with its service unavailable and in the meantime I have had to look for alternatives to use.

Before I started using Pingoat I used to use Pingomatic and its still available but the list of services it pings its still the same and sometimes I get an error message on my first attempt and so not a very good alternative at the moment I guess.

I think the best alternative I have found so far is Pingates and this pings more than 30 services.

However, the only downside is that the captcha image is not very clear and sometimes it can be hard to see exactly what characters are in the image because the background and the letters can be nearly the same.

Another very good alternative I have used is BlogBlip and this pings more than 30 services and it gives you a summary of your feed plus the number of services pinged indicating succcess or failure. I found that to be very useful.

Also at BlogBlip you can download the current configuration file if you so wish.

Once or twice I have also used King Ping . King Ping gives a message saying that the pings have been send without specifying the particular services like what Pingoat, Pingates and BlogBlip does.

I am sure there must be many more blog pinging services but I think these alternatives are quite good and I also hope that Pingoat maintainance will end soon.

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Wiki hits 10 million

Sunday, 30th March 2008 12:47am
It has been a fast rise for Wikipedia from 2 million articles to 10 million in just in just six months.

In September 2007 I wrote about Wiki hitting 2 million and six months later the number has reached 10 million.

I think it shouldn't take long before the 20 million mark is reached and I guess it will be before the year is up.

Whilst English is now at 2.3 million articles, French and German articles haven't increased that much and are still to reach the million mark and now stand 640k and 729k articles respectively. That shows an increase of 100k for German over the last six months and around 90k for French.

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Wiki hits 2 million articles

Thursday, 13th September 2007 1:22pm
According to Wikipedia its 2 millionth English language article was written on September 10th, 2007.

I find Wikipedia very useful for various types of information and its good that its pages rank quite highly on Google and after a search I am more likely to find a Wikipedia page which most of the time is useful.

Wikipedia shows what online community collaboration can achieve and I think I can only expect more articles as more and more people join in to submit and edit articles.

With English reaching 2 million articles, I think the next milestone will be when German now at over 630,000 articles and French at over 550,000 articles reach the million article mark.

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A look at free online games

Monday, 23rd April 2007 9:37pm
Towards the end of last week one of my friends brought to my attention the free-games site which is an online directory of free online games.

On the site they review and rank free online games which saves a lot of time if you are looking for some online games to play. Just a quick look at the site shows that they have a fair number of games which I hope everybody can be able to make their own pick.

There are still other popular game sites like miniclip and for kids kidsgames is one of the good gaming sites.

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Monitoring site uptime

Saturday, 13th January 2007 9:43am
I think its always good to monitor your site uptime because that may determine whether you change hosts or not. I use SiteProbe to monitor the status of my website. Whenever there is a change in status I am informed through an e-mail.

Its a good idea not to use an e-mail from your site otherwise you won't receive it when the host goes down and so you have to use a webmail account like yahoo or gmail or something like that or an e-mail with another host.

The SiteProbe statistics are basic but you get a weekly report which suits me well because my host is reasonably reliable and so for most weeks I get 100% uptime.

For a more comprehensive but free monitoring I think SiteUptime offers a reasonable service in their free plan. Unlike the SiteProbe service which just monitors the http server only, the SiteUptime service monitors ftp, pop3 and smtp servers as well plus you get monthly reports and some fancy statistics.

I am sure there must be other website monitoring services available but I have found these two to be quite easy to use and accurate.

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Getting serious about Firefox

Friday, 28th April 2006 8:04pm
Not yet using Firefox? Whatever your answer to the question is I still think you will find the Dump explorer site interesting. Basically the website is a campaign for web surfers using Internet Explorer(IE) to move over to Firefox and also for web publishers to add a piece of JavaScript code to their websites that detects the IE browser. The code will display a banner on the site that will ask visitors using IE to download Firefox instead.
I have been using Firefox from its first release and I have found it to be quite good and I like the convenience of tabbed browsing. I think IE7 will be a lot better than IE6 going by the IE7 beta technical overview but I have not tried the actual beta version just yet.

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Views, views, views - 1 billion

Wednesday, 26th April 2006 6:50pm
This morning I was looking at these two websites that are trying to achieve 1 billion page views.
The OneBillionPageViews site is trying to reach 1 billion views without spending any money on marketing the site.
The Onebillionviews site has already reached one million views and so its interesting to see how long it will take to reach the next 999 million page views.

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