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ISP provided security

Wednesday, 29th August 2007 6:53am
Last week I received a letter from my ISP, Optus offering a free security package for one year which includes a firewall, anti-virus, parental control, anti-spam and anti-spyware tools.

I have known about this offer for some time now and basically you get F-secure products for free for the first year and after that you then have to pay some amount per month. I think its actually a good idea to offer consumers the security suite but I think its also good for F-secure if after one year some of the people decide to continue with the suite.

What I find good and interesting is that the download for the security suite does not count towards your broadband usage for that particular month.

I will not be going for the offer myself because I think firewall wise I am okay with Comodo and for the anti-virus I think AVG Anti-Virus is doing a good job for me.

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