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MySQL connection error

Saturday, 12th May 2007 9:12pm
Tonight when I tried to run the MySQL Query Browser on Windows I got the following error message:

MySql Error Number 2003, can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost'

When I pinged the server as suggested by the dialog box, everything looked alright but still I could not connect to MySQL. I then checked to see if the MySQL service was running in the control panel's Administrative Tools/Services section. For some reason the MySQL service had stopped running and on manually re-starting the service I managed to once again connect to MySQL as normal.

yoki wrote on Friday, 8th June 2007 7:45pm
I got the same error too ...... TT

Wes wrote on Friday, 8th June 2007 8:12pm
Yoki, I hope that you managed to go round the error as well. As I said mine was caused by stopped MySQL service but I wonder whether there are other situations that cause the error to occur.

MissingNo wrote on Friday, 20th August 2010 8:18am
I also got that error and went to control panel/administrative tools/services, but mysql was not even listed there. Any ideas why?

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