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Vista and the hardware demands

Wednesday, 7th February 2007 5:02pm
Microsoft launched the Vista operating system last week with much fanfare and rightly so because this has been six years in the making. I don't see myself getting this operating system for sometime yet but in the end I will need to and I think by that time it most of the initial problems would have been resolved.

I am one of those who will need to either upgrade their PCs or buy/build another one because of the Vista hardware demands but I think I will opt for the latter - build up one myself.

I think its a good idea to have the PC Vista Premium Ready which calls for a minimum system memory of 1 GB and graphics memory at least 128 MB. The Vista Capable PC would on the other hand need a system memory of 512 MB but my experience tells me that working with minimum requirements for Microsoft operating systems is not necessarily a good idea.

I will need at least a minimum of 2 GB of system memory because I plan to run Vista in a virtual environment launched from Ubuntu using VMWare Server. I think at least 2 GB should be enough for both Ubuntu and Vista.

sam wrote on Friday, 9th February 2007 10:18am
If you are trying to build your own PC you may find this PC Mag article on building a Green PC quite interesting.

Wes wrote on Friday, 9th February 2007 1:52pm
Thanks Sam, I have just read the article and its very good. Gave me some things to consider which I hadn't thought about before.

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