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Not easy selecting PHP IDE

Monday, 18th December 2006 1:05pm
Over the weekend I was looking for a free Php IDE to replace PHP Designer which I have used now for almost two years in the Windows environment which wasn't an easy exercise with so many IDEs to choose from.

Two years ago when I did a similar exercise there wasn't as much choice as there is today and I think the quality of the free IDEs available has also improved tremendously.

This time I chose to go with PSPad plus Top Style Lite for the CCS bit. I chose PSPad for its broader functionality and ease of configuration and handling of projects.

One of the best IDEs that I came across though is PHPEdit from Waterproof but you have to pay for this one or you can use their 30 day trial version. The good thing about the 30 day trial version is that it counts the actual number of days its used and not the calendar number of days.

The sites I found useful include PHP Editors and also a thread on Lifehacker.

In the end I think the actual choice of IDE depends on user taste and preferences.

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