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Sorting out Bookmarks

Friday, 11th August 2006 10:39pm
Over the last few months I have accumulated a number of bookmarks and although I always store them in folders they were just becoming a little bit unmanageable with duplicates here and there. So today I went about looking for a program to help me sort out the bookmarks and I came across AM-DeadLink.

With the AM-DeadLink I managed to root out all the duplicate bookmarks and also removed some bookmarks that referred to sites that no longer existed for one reason or another.

One little feature that I just like is the one that downloads and updates the favicon. For those sites with favicons, when the favicons appear on the bookmark it makes it easier to identify the site especially in a folder where there are a number of bookmarks.

I quickly managed to sort out the bookmarks on Firefox, Mozilla and Opera and if I used IE the program would have sorted out the favourites for me as well.

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