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In search of an Ubuntu firewall

Thursday, 3rd August 2006 1:40pm
I have now been adjusting to my new Ubuntu install and installing software to start fully utilising it. One thing for sure is that is that you are spoilt for choice in terms of the applications that you can install.

I have been trying to install a firewall and now I think I have what suits my needs. Ubuntu comes with an in-built firewall called iptables but I needed a GUI interface to be able to configure it. My first attempt was with the Firestarter firewall but for some reason when I tried to install it, it gave some errors and so I had to abandon that.

I then tried the Lokkit firewall and while this installed properly when I tried to run it came with with some text with a green foreground and I just couldn't read it and I had no choice but to close it and uninstall it.

I then decided to install guarddog and this installed properly and I think I will settle for it. I liked the idea that by default all protocols are disabled including HTTP and POP3 and therefore you can select the protocols you wish to allow. So after installing guarddog and configuring it I had to check to see that everything that I normally use still worked. I enabled logging so that once in a while I can check the log for any interesting traffic or issues.

I should mention the the setup of Apache, PHP and MySql. I used the Synaptic Manager and the default settings worked straight away and I had to change a few things like doc_root. For PHP I am using the Bluefish IDE. I wanted something similar to PHP Designer which I use in Windows and Bluefish meets my needs comfortably.

Next on the line to install is the VMware server.

martin wrote on Monday, 14th August 2006 11:29pm
You may find this site useful. It shows alternative Linux programs.

Wes wrote on Saturday, 19th August 2006 12:58am
Thanks Martin, good site. I have since installed acroread for my pdf documents to replace evince.

Anonymous wrote on Sunday, 10th September 2006 7:29am
Thanks! your blog helped me choose a choice of a firewall (Guarddog). I am using Kubuntu 6.06.1 and will be setting this up as a file server at my work.

kikke wrote on Wednesday, 1st November 2006 3:35am
geany - php designer or notepad++ replacement

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