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Windows Ubuntu dual boot at last

Sunday, 23rd July 2006 7:31pm
I finally managed to install Ubuntu 6.06 in a dual boot setup with Windows but this didn't go as smoothly as I had anticipated. I think I should have prepared better but the problem is that you really don't really know what to expect until you hit a barrier.

I used a PC with two hard drives and before Ubuntu was installed Windows was installed on the second drive. So using the Windows setup disk I formatted the first hard drive and then using the Ubuntu Live CD I installed Ubuntu. Once Ubuntu installation was finished and up and running I tried to then boot Windows but I couldn't as I got an "NTLDR error".

I then decided to re-install Windows on the first drive but after the first stage of copying files windows installation could not continue because I got a "Disk error. Press Any Key to Restart" message and this looped after pressing any key.

This is when I decided to do further research using the Ubuntu Live CD whereupon I found that it was advisable to make Windows the first partition. I then repartioned the first drive again and this time I made sure the Windows partition was the first one followed by Ubuntu and swap partitions etc. I then went on to install Ubuntu on the second partition and when that was completed I used instructions from Herman's GAG page to create a GAG boot disk. I tested the GAG boot disk booting into Ubuntu and it worked fine and then I re-installed Windows again and this time it installed properly.

After successfully installing Windows, I couldn't boot into Ubuntu and this is where I was going to need my GAG boot disk. Before booting with the disk I added Windows to the GAG menu and saved that new profile on the floppy disk. Using the GAG boot disk I then booted into Ubuntu and then I used instructions from the Herman's GRUB page and the RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows help page to add Windows to the GRUB menu and then overwrite the Windows bootloader and replace it with GRUB.

Now its all working fine and when I get to the GRUB menu I just choose which operating system I would like to boot into. I should mention that for the step by step instructions on installing Ubuntu 6.06 I used the article on Psychocats installing Ubuntu page.

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