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Warning over IE use

Wednesday, 20th January 2010 6:13am
There has been recent warnings in France and Germany over the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

According to the BBC, German and French governments have warned users to use alternative browsers instead of using IE to protect security.

But it seems that Microsoft thinks that this problem only affects users using IE6. In France the warning covers all versions of the browsers and not just IE6.

Although this problem may affect all versions of IE, I don't know why people are still using IE6 when IE8 has been available for some time now.

Sometime last year I got moved from IE7 to IE8 through a Windows update and I don't know why the same cannot be done for IE6 - move IE6 straight to IE8.

Getting rid of IE6 altogether will make life a whole lot easier for developers because its far much easier to deal with IE8 than with IE6 insofar as styling is concerned.

I hope Microsoft will issue whatever patch is necessary for this security threat but long term I think use of IE6 should be stopped.

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