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Which flavour of Linux?

Thursday, 20th April 2006 9:38pm
At last I am now trying to create a partition for a Linux installation. So I have been having a look at which flavour or distribution of Linux to install. So far indications are that I will go for Ubuntu.

I get Ubuntu on the DVDs on the covers of the PC magazines that I subscribe to which is a good start and also a friend recommended Ubuntu to me.

JohnnyK wrote on Friday, 5th May 2006 10:30am
If you get the time do a search for Lindows, one of the funniest Linux available. It was released several years ago with great success; basically it was a cross between Max OSX and Windows. Now funny enough there is Vista heading for the shelves that looks surprising like Lindows.

Wes wrote on Saturday, 6th May 2006 7:40am
Thanks JohnnyK. I will definitely have a look at this. Also the June issue of the Australian PC World magazine has an interesting article of how to make dual boot work successfully. I liked the idea of creating a partition where you just store all your documents and then you can easily access them from either Linux or Windows.

Wes wrote on Monday, 8th May 2006 5:02pm
I have just been looking at the Ubuntu website and have realised that there is a new version Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) to be released soon and I have therefore decided to wait for that new version.

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