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Archive for June 2009

Monitoring bandwidth usage

Tuesday, 30th June 2009 10:37pm
There are times when I need to monitor the bandwidth that I have used for the month and I have found that of the available free software that I have found AnalogX NetStat Live seems to do a fairly reasonable job.

It monitors the bandwidth on one machine only and if you have more than one machines on the network then you need to add up the bandwidth.

Another problem is that when you have a file server it will also record the bandwidth between transfers to the local file server which makes it a bit inaccurate.

Another bandwidth monitoring software that I have used at one stage is ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter .

This one doesn't show as much information as the NetStat Live but you also get a fairly good idea of how much broadband bandwidth you have used.

Lastly another application worth a look is Netmeter. This hasn't been updated for a while.

I am sure there are other free bandwidth monitoring tools but I have found that one of these three is basically adequate at times when I need to monitor bandwidth usage.

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Bing joins the search scene

Monday, 1st June 2009 11:08pm
Microsoft has now launched the new site Bing to replace Windows Live.

I have been testing this new search site which is in beta and one feature that I like is the summary that I got when I hover on the right side of results.

I managed to get a lot more information from that hover which meant that at times I did not have to click the search link altogether.

But some of the search results were not what I expected. For example, I searched for 'owalog' this blog's name and the result did not even appear on the first page of the returned results. And I wonder what would happen to more serious searches.

I think I will keep an eye on the site to see if there are any further developments but for now I think Google will serve me right.

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