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Auto refresh in Firefox

Friday, 24th April 2009 11:40pm
There are times when I want a site on a certain tab to refresh often and mostly so that the session doesn't expire and I am required to login again and lately I have discovered some two very handy Firefox extensions.

The extension that I use a lot for that is ReloadEvery which you can specify how often you would like a particular tab to be refreshed.

You can set ReloadEvery to refresh all your tabs after a certain time interval and also you can opt out some tabs as well.

I quite like the idea of being able to make tabs refresh at different intervals because there are some tabs that I open for reference and the information will not be changing at all and therefore reloading is not required.

For manual refreshing then the extension Reload Tab On Double-Click will do the job.

As the name implies you double click the tab you want refreshed.

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Ubuntu 9.04 released

Friday, 24th April 2009 11:25pm
The latest version of Ubuntu, 9.04 was released yesterday and this time I am more interested in the server version than the desktop one.

I am planning to use the Ubuntu server version for a server that I would like to build and I have done a bit of research on installation and it appears straight-forward just like the desktop version.

I think I will need a GUI user interface and for I now my choice seems to be webmin If I get time I will experiment with cloud computing which is available as a technology preview according the Ubuntu 9.04 release notes.

Meanwhile I will update my current 8.10 install of Ubuntu. I think among the new features available this time the one I am looking forward to is the new style for notifications and possibly the quicker start-up process.

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