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Archive for January 2009

Free Explorer alternatives

Saturday, 31st January 2009 10:46pm
I have been looking around for some free alternatives to Windows Explorer and that also work on Vista and I managed to get a few.

The ones I looked at included free commander, unreal commander and cubic explorer.

I quite liked free commander because of its features and also compared to unreal commander you can right click and refresh the files.

Another positive thing for free commander is that I can still use it with subversion which I cannot do without.

Whilst features like FTP client are good I wasn't particularly looking for that because I have applications that do that for me already.

I find it handy to use a file manager application that has a two panel interface. It helps make some tasks faster especially tasks like copying and moving files.

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Getting rid of unnecessary applications

Thursday, 15th January 2009 9:52pm
Once in a while I have to get rid of all the unnecessary applications that I install on my machine either as trialware or demo software and I find PC Decrapifier to be very useful for that.

Decrapifier is an exe and so there is no need to install it and you just click the executable file and run it.

It creates a restore point first but I wouldn't trust that too much and so I usually uninstall a bit at a time and check to see if the machine is still booting and running properly.

There is a commercial version that can also automate itself but I find the free version enough for my needs at the moment>

I am sure there must be other products out there that do a similar job and if I come across one I will try and update this post.

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