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Discovering disk space usage

Sunday, 31st August 2008 11:48pm
Sometimes one of the mysteries of disk space is knowing exactly what is taking what space and these days I have found JDiskReport to be very handy and understanding disk space usage.

JDiskReport is a free tool that visually breaks down your disk space usage by folder or by type and this can help to easily find which files are taking the most space or which folders need are getting very big.

I find it easier to make decisions based on the charts the tool presents and another thing it saves quite a lot of time.

Although the download is very small you need to have Java installed for the tool to because it is Java based.

A good alternative to JDiskReport is TreeSize Free. One advantage of TreeSize Free is that it doesn't have any dependencies and you don't have to install it but you just click on the executable. That means you can carry it around on your USB key and run it whenever needed.

TreeSize Free enables you to print a report which you can then analyse at your own time.

Other free tools worth looking at to do the same job include WinDirStat and SequoiaView.

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