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Getting Processor Information

Monday, 30th June 2008 9:16pm
Once in a while I like to get information about the core components of a machine especially if somebody has just asked me to have a quick look at their machine for one reason or another.

One very hand handy application that I have found to be very useful is CPU-Z which is a freeware utility that provides information about your CPU including processor name and vendor and processor features.

You also get memory information and L1 to L3 cache information including location, size, speed and technology.

One reason the application is so handy especially when you are on the move is you don't have to install it but just click the executable.

Another similar application that does a similar job is SiSoftware Sandra

The free version of this software gives wide ranging of the system and also hardware and BIOS details.

However, this application has to be installed and during installation asks a series of questions which you have to answer carefully.

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