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Archive for March 2008

Wiki hits 10 million

Sunday, 30th March 2008 12:47am
It has been a fast rise for Wikipedia from 2 million articles to 10 million in just in just six months.

In September 2007 I wrote about Wiki hitting 2 million and six months later the number has reached 10 million.

I think it shouldn't take long before the 20 million mark is reached and I guess it will be before the year is up.

Whilst English is now at 2.3 million articles, French and German articles haven't increased that much and are still to reach the million mark and now stand 640k and 729k articles respectively. That shows an increase of 100k for German over the last six months and around 90k for French.

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Getting Writer Spellcheck to work

Friday, 28th March 2008 10:07pm
I recently installed a new instance of Open Office and one of the things I realised when I started a Writer document was that the dictionary was not installed by default and hence the spell checker was not working.

Its easy though to install the dictionary and in my case it is English (Australia) and to do that I had to go to the File - Wizards - Install new dictionaries and the dialog box that follows leads to the downloading of the selected dictionaries. First of all the user has to retrieve the list of available dictionaries.

In my case I realised that closing down Open Office and opening it again after dictionary installation did not work but I had to restart the computer and everything worked fine.

I should mention that one thing to check is to make sure that soffice.bin is not blocked by the firewall otherwise the download will not happen.

Things have certainly moved on from two years ago when installing the dictionary was not a straight forward process.

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