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Mozilla's new mail initiative

Tuesday, 18th September 2007 10:28pm
Mozilla announced a new initiative to develop Internet communications software based on the Thunderbird email client, code and brand.

I think this is good news because the new company will look into Internet mail and communications software only in a bid to come with a product that is as successful as the Firefox browser. It will look at further development of the Thunderbird email client and having a dedicated company focussed on that alone will also quicken the development I think.

I use Thunderbird for one of my e-mail accounts and I think its quite good in terms of e-mail but where it lacks is the calender aspect because the extension that I use, Lightning is not yet quite polished enough.

I also hope that this new initiative will result in an e-mail client as close to Microsoft Outlook or Evolution as possible or even better. I use the Evolution e-mail client in Ubuntu and I have no complains about it. I am still to try the Windows version of Evolution but when I get time I will have a look at it.

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Wiki hits 2 million articles

Thursday, 13th September 2007 1:22pm
According to Wikipedia its 2 millionth English language article was written on September 10th, 2007.

I find Wikipedia very useful for various types of information and its good that its pages rank quite highly on Google and after a search I am more likely to find a Wikipedia page which most of the time is useful.

Wikipedia shows what online community collaboration can achieve and I think I can only expect more articles as more and more people join in to submit and edit articles.

With English reaching 2 million articles, I think the next milestone will be when German now at over 630,000 articles and French at over 550,000 articles reach the million article mark.

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Firefox reaches 400 million downloads

Tuesday, 11th September 2007 1:50pm
According to the site Spread Firefox, the Mozilla Firefox browser has reached 400 million downloads as of last week.

This number refers to the number of downloads and not installations and so I assume the number of installations would be fewer than this. However, there are also a number of users who install through CDs or DVDs on magazine covers and so whichever way you look at it, its quite a big number for a browser that was released just under three years ago.

I think the browser itself is quite good but I think what it makes it even better is the number of extensions available that really enhance the browsing experience and take the browser to a higher level.

Just last week I had a problem with a web form button that did not respond to clicking and I quickly used the Web Developer's extension to find out what the problem was and I solved the problem in a few short minutes. But there are also many other extensions and it just depends on the user what they want.

Internet Explorer is still the leading browser but Firefox is slowly closing the gap as more and users start using the browser as their default browser.

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