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End of road for PHP4

Tuesday, 17th July 2007 7:25pm
The PHP development team announced last week that PHP 4 will be discontinued but that support for it will continue until the end of the year and after that there will be no more releases of PHP 4.4 with critical security fixes done until the start of the Beijing Olympics.

I did a little bit of PHP4.* development before jumping onto PHP5 when it was released some three years ago and I have enjoyed using PHP5 ever since. The object oriented nature of PHP5 makes it easier and more interesting to work with.

What I found interesting in the announcement was the fact that PHP6 is on the way. I am keen to see what new features will be introduced in PHP6. In particular I am hoping that it will be far much easier to do constructor overloading like in Java and C# because at the moment its not the easiest of things to do.

To achieve something like constructor overloading at the moment I have to use optional parameters in the constructors and then check those parameters in the constructor and that's not ideal.

Method/function is not a really big issue because one can easily rename the methods accordingly.

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