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A look at free online games

Monday, 23rd April 2007 9:37pm
Towards the end of last week one of my friends brought to my attention the free-games site which is an online directory of free online games.

On the site they review and rank free online games which saves a lot of time if you are looking for some online games to play. Just a quick look at the site shows that they have a fair number of games which I hope everybody can be able to make their own pick.

There are still other popular game sites like miniclip and for kids kidsgames is one of the good gaming sites.

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Comparing hardware performance

Thursday, 19th April 2007 8:27pm
Normally I tend to get computer hardware benchmarks from the monthly computer magazines that I subscribe to and sometimes you can get some detailed analysis of a piece of hardware that can help make a decision if you are thinking of purchasing one.

However, the problem is that these benchmarks only appear when the magazine in question decides to do the test which may not be the time you need the hardware and so I now tend to get the online benchmarks. At the beginning of this week I was actually looking at the CPU Charts on Tom's hardware guide trying to compare the Intel's Core 2 Duo E6600 against AMD's Athlon 64 X2 6000+.

After comparing the performance using the charts against different benchmarks and looking at the prices of these two CPUs, I am now beginning to think that maybe there is more value for money for AMD's Athlon 64 X2 6000+ than Intel's Core 2 Duo E6600.

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Recovering deleted files

Saturday, 7th April 2007 6:56pm
One of the things that I hope I don't have to do often is to try and recover accidentally deleted files because sometimes you just fail to recover them and that may not be so good if they are important files.

I have always carried around two tools on my USB key to recover accidentally deleted files but fortunately don't always have to use them until this morning when I was trying to recover a file.

To recover deleted files on Windows I use Restoration and also FreeUndelete. I make sure I have two just in case the other one fails but they work nearly exactly the same in the end for me its a case of preference that determine which tool to use.

With Restoration you don't have to install the tool on your computer but you can run the executable from a USB key or still from a floppy disk. FreeUndelete has an install program which you can install onto the USB key.

These tools are quite useful especially when you have just emptied the Recycle Bin or if you have deleted using shift-delete thus by-passing the Recycle bin. Better still you can also recover files deleted from a USB key. My experience has shown me though that it's faster to recover files deleted from a USB key using Restoration than FreeUndelete.

I have both NTFS and FAT32 partitions on my system and the tools can recover from both these file systems. A few times I have failed to recover some files especially just after emptying the Recycle bin and so its if possible I try to make sure I am pretty sure I know what I am deleting and will not need to run around trying to do the recovery process.

There are some commercial applications that do the same thing but I cannot comment on them because I have never used them.

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