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File comparison made easy

Monday, 5th June 2006 8:54pm
In the last week whilst trying to resolve problems with sessions I found myself in need of a good file comparison tool. I had to compare files like the old php ini and httpd.conf files for example and also source code files just to try to see if there were any differences.

After trying out a few tools (that became an exercise in itself) I found that WinMerge from SourceForge did a very good job. With WinMerge you get a visual map outline of the files being compared with the differences clearly marked out. As you edit the files the map outline also changes to reflect the new status.

To move text from one file to the other all you need to do is right click at the border of the files then select the direction of text movement. You can also easily merge entire files if thats what your situation requires.

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