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About Owalog - a simple approach to techie stuff

My name is Weston Sabawo and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

The weblog features issues that I encounter in my working with PHP, MySql, .Net and computer software in general and related news and articles. It offers me a platform to share any findings that I come across when using software tools and any relevant tips and tricks where possible.

Please feel free to say whatever you want to say in response to any of the postings. You can respond to the main post or you can respond to the comments using the reply link on every comment.

However, I do reserve the right to edit any comment and should you want to contact me please use the contact form .

This weblog is powered by my own weblog application coded in PHP and using a MySql backend. I hope to keep on adding features that aid usability and navigability of the site from time to time.